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Frequently asked



How do I begin my service?

                                 Once you are registered with our online platform '' and we

                                 receive all of your pertinent information for the service and billing , your services

                                 should begin immediately.


Can I call to place an order over the phone?

                       Nope. Front Range Signs is expanding and due to the high volume of business

                                 we are experiencing, we are unable to accept phone orders at this time. Please

                                 log into your account at to place an order.

How do I place an order?

                                 Login to to place your order.  If you experience any technical

                                 issues, feel free to email us at and we

                                 will be glad to assist you in any way we can.

How do I know you received my order?

                                Once your order is placed, you will receive an email confirmation and then once

                                it is completed you will receive another confirmation along with a photo of the

                                completed install.

Can I give you specific details about my order?

                                When submitting an order, utilize the 'Comments' box on the order form for any

                                specific install or removal instructions.

Can I change my date of service?

                                Yes, your service date may be changed thru email notification as long as the

                                service has not already been completed.

Can I cancel a service order after placing it?

                                Yes, your service order may be cancelled thru email notification with adequate

                                time. The latest to cancel an order is 9 AM the day of installation

Will I be notified when my order is completed?

                                Yes, once your order is completed you will receive an email confirmation along

                                with a photo of the install or removal location.

I am on and my inventory is incorrect.

                                We store a whole bunch of signs here and although it is seldom,  inventory

                                mix-ups do sometimes happen.  If your inventory looks off, please feel free to

                                email us and we will be glad to go into our warehouse and update your online

                                panel count for you.


I don't see my riders, lockboxes, and brochure boxes in my inventory?

                                Up to this date, our online platform only has the ability to store a record of your                               

                                total amount of sign panels along with a photo of your panel for agent viewing.                              

                                We are awaiting the next software update where we are hoping to be able to                              

                                keep an online record of all riders, lockboxes, and brochure boxes.  As of now,                                

                                if you want to get an inventory count, please feel free to email us and we will be                                                                     glad to compile it for you.

I'm unhappy with my sign placement and want it moved. Is there a charge for that?

                               Yes.  Our installers will always use their best judgement on install locations

                               unless otherwise notified through email or the 'comments' section on the order

                               form. We recommend that all install locations are marked by the agent with a

                               flag marker, and our installers will always honor a marker set by the agent.

                               However, if no markers are set and you disagree with the installers best judgement,

                               there will be a charge for the service of going back out to reinstall.  

                                 **Yellow Flag Markers are available at our office for all agents free of charge.**

My sign was stolen or damaged and I need it reinstalled. Is there a charge for that?

                              Yes, any service requests due to vandalism, auto damage, severe weather

                              or any other causes that are beyond our control are chargeable. If a rental Yard Arm

                              is damaged, stolen, lost, or missing, the replacement cost is $80.00 plus tax. We

                              also produce signs as well so email us for pricing.

Is there any reason my install/removal may not go up in the estimated 2 day period?

                              95% of the work orders we receive are completed the next day. However, some

                              things may delay a request such as: incorrect information provided, traveling

                              outside of our regular local service area, and severe inclement weather. Other

                              delays may occur, but are very rare and our customers will always be notified if

                              such occurrences do happen.

 Can I meet the installer at my listing to show where I want my sign placed?

                              Unfortunately, due to high volumes of services requested, we are not able to

                              meet to discuss install locations prior to your sign being installed. Our installers

                              will always be made aware of any location markers  present and also will be made

                              aware of any details given in the 'Comments' section of the work order form.

                              We strongly suggest that you use markers for your install location such as: Yellow

                              Flag Markers (Available from us FREE of charge), directional arrows, photos with

                              install location marked, or any other marker types to inform the installer of where

                              you would like your sign placed.

What if you hit a sprinkler line during my install?

                              For any property with sprinkler lines, the install location must be clearly marked or

                              flagged for the installers.  We will not be responsible for any sprinkler line repair if

                              property is not clearly marked. If it was due to our error, we will fix it, but, if an outside vendor

                              takes care of the problem before our knowledge, we will NOT be responsible for

                              the cost of the repair or water bill that may have occurred, if any.

Is Front Range responsible for my lockbox codes?

                              No, we will only be responsible for retaining the original code of the lockbox when

                              it was installed.  Any changes to the lockbox codes become the responsibility of

                              the agent to remember the new codes and inform us of any changes if they are

                              being removed by us and stored back into your inventory.

Which days are you closed?

                              Our office is open Monday-Friday from 8:00am - 4:00pm. Please remember that

                              New Years Day, Memorial Day, The 4th of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, and

                              Christmas are Federal Holidays and do not count as business days.

Additional questions not answered here?

                     Feel free to email us with any additional questions or concerns at:  



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